Warhel :: Alcohol and Asthma: both related?

Alcohol and Asthma: both related?

Updated on: 14-Oct-2016
Asthma is a condition that causes a person's airways to become narrower, which affects breathing. For some people, this effect is temporary. When asthma occurs long-term, the airways can become inflamed and tightened.

Alcohol has often been suggested as a contributor to and trigger for asthma. However, researchers haven't conducted a significant amount of research as to the specifics of alcohol and asthma. Alcohol and Asthma: both related?

33 percent said that alcohol had triggered an asthma attack on at least two occasions

Wine was associated with being particularly allergenic

The onset of most alcohol-related asthma symptoms occurred within 1 hour of drinking alcohol

Most asthma symptoms reported were mild to moderate in severity

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